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Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know us. We are an independent family firm established over twenty years serving the South West from our Cotswolds base. We deal with damp, dust, debris, dirt and damage in general.


If you are experiencing unexplained damp or perhaps have concerns as to whether a property has been properly dried after a flood or escape of water we can help.

Our senior technicians discuss the problem with you then survey the affected and adjacent area, firstly using non invasive techniques.

If necessary we may then suggest more invasive means such as drilling out masonry samples or specific types of water leak detection such as gas or acoustic tracing.

Once identified we can assist with drying out and any associated matters such as moving or storing furniture and contents. We are happy to liaise with and assist builders or surveyors.


If the builders are due we can provide a free survey in advance showing how to protect your contents, accomodation, and the occupants from untoward dirt and dust contamination. 

We can then either cover or move items in harms way either within the property or to external storage.   We can install temporary filtration and extractors to maintain air quality.  We screen off unaffected areas and provide barrier matting. We discuss any health concerns you may have.

We can provide packing materials and help with the pack out if required.

Once building works are complete we work with you or your regular cleaners to return the property back to normal. An emergency service is also available. We bust the dust!

See www.builderclean.co.uk for more details.


Following fire, smoke or water damage our priority is getting you and your property back to normal as quickly as practical - not only the building but also your possesions.

Our IICRC or BDMA trained technician team will firstly help to identify and rescue any important items (such as passports or children's toys) and our in house laundry can quickly wash and return urgently required clothing, bedding etc.

We then sort the restorable from the seriously damaged, transfer the former to our contents processing unit near Stroud or your regular restorer, and arrange for disposal of debris, whilst maintaining strict photo records of all affected items so as to support any insurance claim.


Our water damage restoration technicians have years of experience and a large amount of drying equipment to hand (either in Stroud or our satelite storage facility near Bath). 

We can pump out any standing water, sanitise and then start the drying process - taking particular account of the building age and construction.

We undertstand and frequently work on historic period property as well as contemporary builds incorporating new materials and techniques.

Once emergency mitigation has started we will fully assess and report on the damage to the owner or their insurer or representative.


Smoke often causes the majority of fire damage with even just small amounts of it entering adjacent rooms and into drawers and cupboards.

We know how to properly decontaminate ready for redecoration.  We advise on what can be reasonably restored and what stripped out and disposed off.

Once safe to do so we provide a full assessment of damage and how to manage the situation.  We can clean down priority areas and get them back into use soonest.

Unaffected areas are screened off to prevent cross contamanition and high efficiency filters are installed to reduce airborne contamination and de-odourise.


The majority of rugs affected by smoke, dust, debris or water can be successfully cleaned and restored to life - sometimes even better than they were before!

Don't allow affected rugs to be simply listed and thrown into a skip - talk to us first.

Typically we will stabilise and access your rug then provide a detailed report and restoration estimate for you or your insurer.

We have one of the few dedicated rug cleaning plants in the UK and years of experience.  We are Master Rug Cleaner trained and N.C.C.A. advanced members.

Phone now for help or refer to our dedicated website www.rugcleaningworks.co.uk



Our Fireline ultrasonic cleaning line effectively and quickly decontaminates a wide range of smoke affected items using sound waves and a very mild detergent bath to reach the parts that normally cannot be reached!

The system is similar to that used in the jewellery trade but on a much larger scale.

Household contents such as cutlery, glassware, crockery, ornaments and much more can be successfully cleaned.

Children's toys including those well know plastic bricks are easily restored.

The system will also clean tools and industrial machine parts to a very high standard.


Our storage facility near Stroud is modern and secure.  Each 250 cubic feet storage pod can handle boxed/packed contents or most items of furniture.  We also have some free standing space for exceptionally large items.

The warehouse is heated and dry and the estate has monitored security cameras, and access control over night.

The facility can be used either for storing cleaned contents prior to their return once reinstatement work is complete, or for items just requring temporary storage.

Access can be arranged for policy holders/owners by appointment.

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